RadioStar Music Promotion

Are you ready to become a star?

So you decided that it is time to seriously concentrate on a career as a music artist? You are ready to commit the time and effort into seriously promoting yourself online, with regular updates to followers and quality social media management. Your album is ready and you are ready to drop it. In short, it’s “Geaux”-time!

With RadioStar Music Promotion, we can make you a star!

Side One: Social Media/Web Management

Let’s start by customizing a plan for social media/web dominance. Every music artist should promote themselves through all the social media networks, starting with YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook/Instagram. Twitter and SnapChat are also important. Another consideration is ReverbNation. Let’s get your name out there!

Once you are all over social media, we will need to make sure you have regular updates to those platforms. That’s where social media management and boosters come into play. We can get you the followers, likes, subs, plays, downloads, views, faves, and everything else related to giving you a jump start on your social media.

After we get you all squared away with social media, let’s get you going with a web site to beef up your web presence. A FutureStar web site will get you going with a domain, a personalized website with web hosting, and your own music playing on your own internet audio stream. Everything you need to start climbing up to the top of search ranking!

Side Two: Music Distribution

It’s time for digital distribution. I’m talking about sites like iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, iheartradio, Deezer, Shazam, Jango – the list goes on and on. We will distribute your music to over 150 sites that millions of people connect to daily, looking specifically for music. Even sites that are more popular in foreign nations. We will do all that, and best of all… you set the date for release, so why not go ahead and release an EP or maybe entire album on all those services in an online promotion. We can then build some interest on it using the website and social media tools I described above, promoting it to millions of social media users and tying it together with information on your homepage.  We can even devote an entire additional web site to the album’s release!

This distribution also includes ways to monetize your YouTube videos… licensing for TV, film, and games… Performing Rights Organization affiliation… Song registration with global collection agencies and worldwide publishing royalty collection. This is an awesome distribution package.

So if you are willing to commit to the work, I can give you the tools to get the exposure you need to be successful. We can even get physical distribution, if you are interested in that. Maybe you need some promo CDs to give out or sell at events and concerts. Do you need to buy some band merchandise? Do you need booking help and complete music management? This is an opportunity to start your career and get you the exposure you need as a music artist… if you are ready for that next step.

Are you ready to commit yourself to being a star? Let me know.

Get Followed!

Are you "Followed"? Your Brand Depends on Engaging Your Customers Online. Breakthrough with Social Media Booster!

Social Media Booster Plans

Want to get a jump on your social media? Need to boost your followers on the various social media platforms? CompuGeaux has you covered with our new Social Media Booster Plans. Get a leg up and get followers to boost your social media presence. Our Social Media Boosters help to get your channel, page, or profile noticed. Using these Booster packages can help your brand portray itself as an established company providing high end services and trusted by a significant amount of people. This is especially helpful if you are playing catch-up to more established competitors.

Why Use These Boosters?

Social Media Boosters by CompuGeaux allows you to  increase your social media on various networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and more. This gives you an increased exposure on these networks and the over five billion active users that frequent it regularly. This increase in social media subscribers, likes, comments, shares and more should then be used with active social media management to better your overall web presence.

These boosters are just that, a booster. You should still have adequate social media management to continue to gain organic followers. A solid social media management plan is essential to begin after the booster in order to grow organic followers, subs, etc. If you need social media management, please consider CompuGeaux for that need, as well.

Getting the Most Out of Social Media Boosters

CompuGeaux has recently used the Social Media Boosters as part of a larger plan for local music artists to gain exposure. In addition to a digital music distribution package, Social Media Boosters helped these artists gain exposure on their YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook and other social media platforms in order to push the artists music better. Within a short time, their videos were getting more views, likes, shares, subscribers and shares. This, in turn, made it possible to continue to grow organically afterwards, and the artists’ has have greater exposure at a much quicker rate.

This can also be done for businesses new to social media or those needing to increase their social media exposure. You can get more followers, more post likes, more comments,more shares or retweets, more views, etc. Coupled with a good social media management plan, this will lead to more organic growth and therefore… more opportunities at more money.

Need More Info?

Contact CompuGeaux for more information on Social Media Boosters. We can put together a customized plan for your needs. Use the Contact Form below or check out the many ways of contacting us on our Contact page.

Get Connected with Social Media Management from CompuGeaux.

Social Media Management

Did you know that more than 75% of Americans use social media? That is over 24 MILLION people. Businesses not using social media – and those not using it efficiently – are losing a chance at a great opportunity; one that can make your business hundreds of thousands of additional dollars. Is your business efficiently managing its social media presence?

Every business, large or small, needs a social media presence. It is an essential piece of every business’s marketing strategy. CompuGeaux will get you connected with the millions of social media users across the country. We will make your business more visible by taking your social media out of obscurity. With Social Media Management from CompuGeaux, you will better connect with your customers. This increased awareness about your brand leads to boost in your sales and ultimately your bottom line. 

What are the Benefits of Social Media for Your Business?

Social Media and Your Business

What are the benefits of social media for your business? To answer this, let’s turn to marketing giant, Vistaprint; who lists Four Benefits of Social Media for Business:

Brand Awareness

The first benefit of social media for business is its ability to generate organic brand awareness. As we know, a major component of building credibility comes from creating a brand identity. While other marketing materials, such as a website and business cards, have been the go-to items for new businesses, social media should be added to the roster.

Social media allows a business to share its brand across various platforms and create a consistent and unified look, feel, and voice. This consistency is the foundation for a reputable brand and business. By using the same logo, brand colors, bio descriptions, and links to your business website, you create an authentic online presence.

Stellar Customer Service

In a world where customers expect white glove experiences, social media is a wonderful avenue for delivering on those demands. Since social media is all about interaction and dialogues. it’s a natural place to surprise and delight your potential and actual customers. Social media profiles allow businesses to communicate, proactively or reactively, to their followers in real-time.

When followers comment or pose questions and a brand responds in a timely and knowledgeable way, it conveys the business’s dedication to customer satisfaction and experience. This kind of engagement goes a long way in fostering loyalty and solidifying a positive impression in your followers’ minds.

Low-Cost Way to Acquire Leads

By investing some time into understanding your target audience and tailoring your posts, aesthetic, and even platform presence, a business can quickly grow its following and create a captive audience. Take cues from your competitors and distinguish your brand from the competition.

Once you’ve honed your social media branding, your follower base will grow and be full of potential customers. How do you know they’re prospective leads? They’ve opted-in to follow your business; this means they’re interested in what you have to offer! What better way to cultivate the right customers than through social media? Systematize your social media efforts to give your audience what they want and save your business hours of time by employing automation tools.

Increase Website Traffic and Search Ranking

Another benefit of social media for business is its direct impact on website traffic and search ranking. On social media profiles, businesses can list their website URLs, so a visitor needs to look no further than above the fold to find a website link.

Beyond the bio section of a social media account, actual social media posts afford opportunities to add more links to your business website. The most effective Twitter posts include an image, caption, and URL. The visual, relevant caption, and inserted link all serve to get a person to take a specific action (i.e. visit the website). The more URL clicks, the more website visits a business gets. It’s a winning formula that applies to every other social media platform.

Interestingly, social media also affects your search ranking. When your social post links to your website or blog content, those links help search engines discern that your website is reputable and should rank for specific keywords. As we know, Google’s algorithm is continually evolving to weed out spam websites and appropriately rank websites that are legitimate. By incorporating social media into your marketing strategy, you can positively influence your search ranking without being a search engine optimization guru.

Contact CompuGeaux if you have any questions or are ready to raise your business’s social media out of obscurity. A dedicated Social Media Specialist will work with you to develop a custom social media strategy specifically tailored for your company. Each package will include the following;

  • Social Media Management Specialist
  • Consultation
  • Social Media Audit
  • Set-Up and Updating of Social Media Accounts
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Much More!

With pricing as low as $199/month, CompuGeaux is the affordable choice for your social media management needs. Get of piece of that 24,000,000 person pie today. Contact us now and let’s move your business’s social media out of the Dark Ages and into a Bright Future!