Plug Into the Future and Save Money with CompuTalk Internet Phone Service

Plug Into the Future with CompuTalk Internet Phone Service

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars a year for yesterday’s phone service? Ready to jump into the future and save money on your phone service? CompuGeaux’s got you covered with our new CompuTalk Internet Phone Service – CompuGeaux’s new VOIP service.

VOIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It also also known as Internet telephony, broadband telephony, and broadband phone service. Simply put, this means that you use your internet connection rather than the outdated, substandard phone service that was invented in the 19th Century by Alexander Graham Bell. Ironically, that traditional services is known as POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service.

How does CompuTalk Internet Phone Service work?

CompuTalk by CompuGeaux makes the once complex world of internet phone service simple. You order our service, and a Certified Internet Phone Service Technician comes to your location and installs an internet phone adapter which allows you to connect your current phone to the network. The technician will then set-up your account, which includes a free Google Voice account. After the account set-up is complete, the tech will plug your phone into the adapter and you will be ready to make calls using your new broadband internet phone service. It’s that simple! You simply pick up your phone and dial out as you always have. Welcome to the future!

What's Included
CompuTalk is Packed with Free Premium Features!

Every CompuTalk account includes the following Free Premium Features:

  • Free Calls – Make calls to U.S. and Canada for Free
  • Caller ID Number
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Screening
  • Call Recording
  • 3-way Conference Calls
  • Free Voicemail that acts like email – You can have your voice messages transcribed and sent directly to your inbox or sent to your phone as a text message.
  • Block Anonymous (Spam) Calls
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Internationally at an incredible low rate
  • And More…


CompuTalk+ adds extra features for a low monthly rate. These additional features include:

  • Call My Contacts (Dial *) – Call people in your Google Contacts directory by saying their name. Just press your phone’s star button (*) and speak the name of the person you want to call. CompuTalk+ will match what you say with your Google Contacts and –when you confirm the match –automatically dial the number.
  • Business 411 Connect (Dial **) – Just dial the star button two times (**) and say the name and approximate location of the business. E.g. ‘True Value Hardware on Main Street.’ The OBi will provide relevant options from which you can choose and automatically call to the listing you choose.
  • Custom Call Blocking (Dial *86) – Stop nuisance calls in their tracks with Custom Call Blocking. You can enter numbers for callers who you know in advance you do not want to receive calls from, or after you hang-up with the unwanted caller, by just dialing star 86 (*86) to place that number in the Blocked Callers list.
  • And More…
How much does CompuTalk cost?

So how much does all this cost anyway? I mean, emerging technology like this has to be expensive, right?

Wrong. our basic plan, including the service, the adapter, installation and pro set-up, starts at only $100! And best of all, there is no monthly fee for the basic service! Never pay another dime for your phone service! EVER!

Additional features, equipment, and services – including CompuTalk+ – start at $9.99/month!

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Contact CompuGeaux now for more information or to order CompuTalk! We will have a Certified Internet Telephone Technician out to you and have you plugged into the future and saving money with CompuTalk in no time! Use the contact form below or visit our Contact page to get started!