Get a Personalized Amazon Fire TV Stick from CompuGeaux

Start 2018 on “Fire”

CompuGeaux is starting 2018 on “Fire”!

Nearly a year ago, I published an article explaining how to cut your home entertainment costs by “Cord Cutting”. Using my own personal experience, I detailed how to save yourself around $100 per month. That’s a savings of over $1200 a year! Even with the prices of internet already on the rise and with the internet service provider costs increases looming this year, dropping cable or satellite like a bad habit will still save you plenty of money. And now, CompuGeaux is proud to offer a new product to choose from in addition to the Dencazt Nexbox Android TV Unit… the personalized Amazon Fire TV Stick.

CompuGeaux now offers Personalized Amazon Fire TV Sticks!
Get a Personalized Amazon Fire TV Stick from CompuGeaux.

CompuGeaux now offers Personalized Amazon Fire TV!

That’s right. In addition to our Android TV set-top box, CompuGeaux now offers personalized Amazon Fire TV Sticks to help our customers save money by cord cutting. The Amazon Fire Stick is a small device about the size of a flash drive that plugs into a TV’s HDMI port. The Fire Stick enables any TV to stream content such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, HBO go, and much more over your Wi-Fi network. Like the Dencazt Nexbox boxes, these new Fire TV sticks have quad-core processors, 1GB of RAM (for less buffering) and 8GB of memory space (for those apps listed above, plus more.) In addition, I have found that it has a much more pleasant user experience (i.e. easier to use) than our traditional set-top boxes, which required a little tech “know-how”. In addition, the newest generation of the Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with the Alexa Voice Remote, making your use of the equipment even more pleasant. Trust me, holding the button on the remote (or using the Amazon Fire TV remote app on your smartphone (another really neat feature) and telling Alexa to start playing an episode of Star Trek: Discovery is about as easy as it gets!

Using the Alexa Voice Remote with an Amazon Fire TV Stick from CompuGeaux is amazing
Using the Alexa Voice Remote with an Amazon Fire TV Stick from CompuGeaux is Amazing.

So contact CompuGeaux to speak with a Cord Cutting expert to learn how you can save money and personalize your home entertainment viewing. We will work with you to determine a personalized entertainment build to meet your specific entertainment needs.

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