Got a new PC but have no clue how to set it up and get it going? No problem… CompuGeaux has you covered. Contact CompuGeaux now and get an Certified Installation Technician come out to your home and get you going in no time!

What We Do

New PCs aren’t “out-the-box ready”. In fact, there are a bunch of things you should do when you set-up to run for PC for the first time. This includes Windows Updates, Installing anti-virus and other protection, and connecting to the internet. Here is a list of things that CompuGeaux will do for you to get your new PC running at it’s greatest potential:

  1. Run All Windows Updates

    Your computer is probably going to download a series of Windows 10 updates on its own so why not get it over with by forcing them to install manually? CompuGeaux starts with this, the most important step of setting up a new PC.

  2. Uninstall Bloatware

    Most PC vendors put lots of third-party, preloaded software on your computer. From 30-day trials of antivirus software to casual games (ex: Candy Crush) you may not want to play, all of this bloatware is sucking up system resources. Let CompuGeaux go through the trouble of removing all this junk!

  3. Fill your new computer with software

    Why’d we scrape all that junk out? To make room for your own stuff, silly. New hardware just begs for new software and CompuGeaux will get you hooked up with the programs that you want and need!

    FYI: Outfitting your rig is an intensely personal affair, but if you’re looking for suggestions, PCWorld has a guide to the best free programs that are so helpful, so handy, so downright useful that they’d be welcome on pretty much any PC.

  4. Copy and/or Sync Your Files

    What good is your new computer if it doesn’t have your most important data on it? CompuGeaux can do this to help your new PC more personal.

  5. Install CyberDefense

    Cyberdefense software is important no matter how careful you think you are on the internet. If you hit even one wrong link, accidentally or otherwise, your entire computer could become victim to a malware infection — an awful scenario that can generally be avoided with some good CyberDefense software. The point of this software is to prevent these sorts of situations before they happen and, if that fails, fix them immediately afterward. It’s crucial that you have some sort of CyberDefense software to shield your PC from threats. For more information:

  6. Set Up Windows Hello Fingerprint or Face Logins

    Many current-generation laptops come with either a fingerprint reader or an infrared camera for facial recognition. If you have either one, CompuGeaux will set up Windows Hello, a feature that lets you log in with a finger or a glance.

  7. Install Your Browser of Choice (or stick with Edge)

    Microsoft’s Edge Browser is fast, lightweight and definitely worth considering. However, if you’re used to using Chrome and Firefox and you have accounts and / or extensions set up in them, you’ll want your favorite browser right away. CompuGeaux will get you squared away with the default browser of your choosing.

  8. Configure Cortana or Turn It Off

    Although CompuGeaux doesn’t recommend it due to privacy concerns, Microsoft’s built-in digital assistant does offers a number of neat features, such as the ability to set reminders, find files by semantic search, answer questions using Bing’s knowledge base, perform some voice commands and give you alerts for things like weather and sports scores. If the idea of having a digital assistant appeals to you, we will activate Cortana and give it some information about you. If you don’t want a digital assistant and choose not to activate Cortana, you can still use the search box to find files and apps.

  9. Disable the Lock Screen

    Unless you enjoy staring at an attractive photo when you first boot or wake your PC, the Windows lock screen serves absolutely no purpose. Every time you start up, you have to swipe or click on the lock screen photos before you can enter your username and password, but why not just go straight to the login prompt? CompuGeaux will set-up features in your PC registry in order to skip this time-wasting step.

  10. Adjust Your Display Scaling

    Today many laptops come with high resolution displays that are sharp and colorful, but have so many pixels that your icons and fonts may appear a little too small out of the box. Conversely, your laptop may have icons and fonts that are larger than you need them to be, potentially wasting screen real estate. Let CompuGeaux personalize your screen to you!

  11. Set Up Keyboard Shortcuts for Every App

    You can save a lot of time — at least several minutes a day that add up over time — by using keyboard shortcuts rather than rolling your mouse pointer across a screen to open a menu or double-click on an icon. In addition to memorizing the most important built-in Windows keyboard shortcuts and specific shortcuts for your favorite apps (ex: CTRL+ T opens a new tab in your browser), CompuGeaux can set up hot keys that open your favorite programs.

  12. Un-hide File Extensions

    By default, Windows 10 treats you like an untrustworthy teenager, hiding extensions (ex: .docx, .xls, .jpg) and making system files and folders completely invisible. But seeing the three or four-letter file extensions is particularly important because they let you know exactly what type of file you’re looking at. It’s not enough to know, for example, that “my-family-vacation” is a picture file; you should know whether it’s a JPG, a GIF or a PNG file before you decide to print or share it. By the same token, a myreport.doc can be read by Microsoft Word from 2003 and before but myreport.docx requires newer software. In addition, this can help prevent you from opening up malicious .exe files.

  13. Change Your Desktop Theme

    If you’re happy with the wallpaper and color scheme that your computer came with, by all means keep it. However, most people will want to personalize Windows 10’s look and feel by changing themes. CompuGeaux will personalize your theme.

  14. Back up your new computer

    After all that, your PC is finally ready to rock: It’s safe, up to date, scrubbed free of junk, and full of software fine-tuned to meet your specific needs. The end is in sight! But we’re not done yet.Now that your PC’s in fighting shape it’s an ideal time to create a clone or image of your primary hard drive—the one Windows boots from—and save it to another hard drive. A clone or image creates a snapshot replica of your drive, which you can use to boot up Windows if your primary drive gives up the ghost. Having an image of your system in its current updated, bloatware free, customized state prevents you from having to do all that legwork over again if you ever have to reinstall Windows for any reason. CompuGeaux will back-up your fresh PC system onto an external hard drive.

  15. Tutoring and Troubleshooting

    Now that you are set to go, CompuGeaux will help you to understand your new computer with tutoring and troubleshooting. How else will you get the best out of your new PC if you don’t know the possibilities it brings to you? In addition, now may be the time to consider opting-in to the CompuGeaux Preventative Maintenance Computer Services plan to keep your computer running smoothly. Ask your Technician for more information.

Getting a new PC is a fun and exciting time, but don’t just jump into it without the knowledge and know-how. Contact CompuGeaux now and a Certified Installation Technician will assist you in getting the most out of your new computer!